The Need for Strengthening Churches

 Based on national research, 900 SBC churches close their doors every year.  The vitality of evangelical churches is not heading toward decline, it is already in decline across the nation.  Locally, nearly 1/3 of our association’s 55 churches are in decline and unless there is a resurgence some could be just a few years away from closure. The good news is that we now have more resources and opportunities than ever before for churches to experience a restart.  The North American Mission Board, our state convention and our association have been applying much energy, time and resources into revitalizing churches.  Our Strengthening Churches Team is eager to walk your church through a tested process toward revitalization.


RE:COHORTS are a ministry of the local association and Church Strategies Group of the South Carolina Baptist Convention.  The purpose of these cohorts to serve our churches as they seek to fulfill the Great Commission. Providing resources and relationships for revitalization pastors and replanters, associational partners and strong churches, potential pastors and church members, we hope to saturate every community in South Carolina with strong churches declaring the hope of the gospel to all people.

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Stories of Strengthening Churches

Stories of revitalization and the fruits of Kingdom work are taking place here in the Screven Baptist Association.  We are grateful for the partnership of churches that allow us to the gospel advancement in our geography.