Saturate Workshop

We will co-host a Saturate Workshop with the Charleston Baptist Association, led by Neal McGlohon for churches in the North area February 3-4, 2021 at Radiant Church. These regional workshops serve to envision Screven and CBA churches toward reaching into their surrounding geography. They will also strengthen churches as they mobilize their members toward reaching every man, woman and child within their reach.

Cost is $15 per person*** or $30 for groups of 2 or more and includes lunch each day. 

We encourage pastors to gather their key leaders for this training.

As a Screven Church - Use Code: "NORTH21" to register you and your team for free.


Do you want to see God do something that
only he can do? Let's go back to the beginning.

Our eight-hour workshop will help your team look beyond the latest program to focus on establishing strong missional DNA in your church. We'll explore the foundational elements of Cypress -- Movement, Kingdom, Harvest, and Disciple -- in order to cultivate and contextualize the principles that will help your church to make and mobilize missionary disciples.

Just a few of our goals for the Workshop:

  • Challenge your current perspective in regard to mission

  • Examine how you are communicating, leading, and exampling with ‘missionary DNA’

  • Assess how well your church is engaging in Kingdom behaviors

  • Design a plan for Kingdom advancement through the church in your community

  • Identify obstacles and assumptions that distract from Kingdom desires

  • Recognize how Jesus sees the Harvest and evaluate how you can better see it

  • Identify relational networks and design next steps to engage them

  • Clarify and evaluate measurements for making disciples

Some of the questions we’ll help you answer:

  • Are you more of a leader for your church or a missionary for The Kingdom?

  • How can a transformed disciple be seen, measured, communicated, and modeled?

  • What kinds of environments are needed for your people to grow spiritually?

  • What are the greatest obstacles to Gospel transformation for the lost people in your circle?

  • If your church were the only one that had received the Great Commission, how would you change your approach?

  • How do the systems in your church display the glory of the King and Kingdom in your community?

  • Do your strategies primarily fuel success for your church or help take responsibility for the lostness in your city?

  • If God got what he wanted in your city, what are the first things that would change?